About us

Specialized in air passenger rights

        • Was your flight delayed or cancelled?
        • Did you miss your connection flight?
        • Were you denied boarding?
        • Was your luggage lost or damaged?

Havayar finds out what you are entitled to and you get your compensation! Based on EC 261/2004 European Union regulation on passenger right and our state of the art Smart Flight Analysis Tool SFAT, we help you get compensated for your disrupted flight. Havayar is a professional service consist of practicing lawyers and pilots and data scientists. Our mission is to ensure there is no hard feelings between passengers and airlines.

Founded in the Netherlands, Havayar has proven record of advocating airline passengers on No Win No Fee basis. Havayar has solid reputation of representing companies and individuals against airlines in front of court with 95% success rate. We have offices in Asia, Europe and the United States serving passenger globally.

You deserve the best travel services, we get it for you!